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Lansdowne Christmas 2006

New for 2006

  • Light-O-Rama - 96 channels of control
    and lights sequenced to 4 Chrismas songs
    including Wizards in Winter

  • FM Transmitter to hear the music in your car

  • Wire Frame "Animated Snowman Fight"
    7' tall with over a 1000 lights

  • Mega Tree - 14' high with 6400 lights

  • Wireframe "Peanut's style Dog house"


See the videos

These are large files and it might be best to right click on the file, then use the save target to save it to your hard drive and open it from your hard drive.

2006 Construction Projects

Here are a few pictures from construction of the snowmen, one of the Light-O-Rama controllers,
and part of the Snoopy. The LOR controller shown here is the only on I did using receptacles.
The other have pigtails made from triple tap extension cords.

Coming in 2007!!!

Here are a few pictures of wire frames I ordered from Lori Lighted D'Lites. These came without lights and I will be
adding lights using clips. Some of my previous wire frames came from Christmas Done Bright with the lights already
attached. The snowmen and Snoopy were made from scratch from 1/4 steel rod. In addition to the wire frames pictured
above, I will be adding a couple LOR controllers, possibly a toy factory that feeds into elves loading the sleigh.
I also picked up 20K more lights in afer Christmas sales last year. Some of these will be for the wireframes and some
to add yellow lights to the megatree.

I would like to combine the sleigh with a workshop I am building, sort of like this...
(Except with the whole thing animated so that the package moves across the conveyor belt,
gets picked up by an elf and loaded into the sleigh.)

Some pictures of things added in prior years....

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